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Oskar, an Arabian Horse that inspired the sculpture on this site

Our main business is providing unusual garden sculpture but then we thought we could or should combine our sculpture business with our love of horses , horse-sculptures.co.uk is the result.....
We originally intended to sell just our precast equine art on the site (The horses sculpted here all graze the beautiful hills of South Devon by our workshop), but due to popular demand we now accept commissions. We can sculpt your original horses head for your gatepost.

Oskar who features both as an Arab Horse Head Sculpture and an Arabian Horse Plaque was the first to be unwittingly sculpted. He sits wonderful in the garden or a top an entrance gate post.
The European Sports Horse Sculpture Plaque was modeled on a feisty but humerous Dutch Warm Blood Horse called Mikey.. The plaque looks equally good on a gate post or Garden Wall.
Frodo the shetland pony was the next to be sculpted and we think is the perfect model upon which to sculpt a beautiful Shetland Pony Sculpture

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Horse Statues in the Garden
Arabian Horse Statue
Arab Horse Plaque on a gate post
Design 02
Arabian Horse Plaques
European Horse Sculpture
European Sports Horse Plaques
Shetland Pony Sculptures
Shetland Pony Plaque
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